Peer Review


Mia Bautista renowned “Old soul” and scholar at CCNY, IN her literacy narrative “Old soul” A narrative focused on The influence of her parents and the things they exposed her to in her early years.Her narrative implies that we are a product of our environment and how we are raised.And that our environment can also warp are perspective of what we see as normal.You can see The Implications of influence early in the text through the use of her parents with their owning numerous amounts of extremely old vhs tapes and cds that she grew up watching.And her fathers extensive knowledge of tv and film through his education that he passed to her. She also uses her siblings as characters to convey her idea of normality for her at the time.her siblings constantly making references from extremely old TV shows conveyed that was normal. Later in her narrative she talks about an experience in her first film class. After being asked to name a Stephen Spielberg movie and being shocked by the answers of her peers, she had a realization that had been a suspicion to her for a long time. That realization being most people didn’t know or didn’t share her enthusiasm in things that were old or things their parents grew up watching Mia’s purpose in this literacy narrative is to convey her realization of how her parents and siblings influence made her out of touch with her peers in order to imply that are idea normality is simply a product of are environment . Mia establishes a personal tone early to help build up to the shock of realizing her “old soul” ways .