Self assesment



Jaylen King


English 110


What I learned 


To start I think I’ve become a much more confident and brief writer i feel that one of my main problems was overwriting or restating things multiple times i’d end up with paragraphs that while writing provided what i thought was enough information but upon reading back i would see there where sections filled with gobbledygook.A bunch of words that didn’t make sense and made my writing confusing to read.I feel like his was really shown in my early free writes with ideas and sentences that are all over the place 


because five minutes was just not enough time for me to finish anything or even Grab onto a good idea and when I had a good idea I wouldn’t have any time to expand on it at all because it took me three minutes to just think of something interesting to write.

That forced me to begin to write and grab onto idea’s a lot faster if I wanted to have a decent free write . I can safely say that my free writing is at least five times better now than at the beginning of the class.But i think it was most evident in my literacy narrative.I included my family and ended up going into a long rant about how my room was barely big enough to fit me and i had to share it with three people, and how my mom was such an intimidating figure in my home and school life but after reading i felt it added nothing to the narrative so i ended up cutting it entirely saving myself a bunch of space while still being able to convey my family’s importance in my literacy narrative.